NDSL are excited to welcome Rob Hamill as our special guest at the opening of our new offices

"An extraordinary mental and physical effort - something very, very special."

This is how Sir Peter Blake described Rob Hamill and the late Phil Stubbs’ incredible achievement in winning the inaugural Atlantic Rowing Race.

Olympian and marathon rowing champion Rob Hamill has been a New Zealand International rowing representative for 16 years. Rob’s numerous rowing achievements include World Champs silver, Commonwealth gold and a world record on the indoor rowing machine.

Rob represented New Zealand at the Atlanta Olympic Games and published ‘The Naked Rower’ on how he and Phil Stubbs captured headlines around the world when winning the gruelling and inaugural Atlantic Rowing Race in 41 days. He then led teams to successful defences in the next two editions making it a 3-peat of victories for New Zealand.

He is co-organiser of ‘The Great Race’ an annual rowing 8s clash between Waikato and visitng universities Cambridge/Oxford/Harvard/ Washington on the Waikato River.

Rob was recently the narrator-protagonist of the award winning documentary Brother Number One, which recounts the story of his return to Cambodia to retrace the steps of his brother Kerry, tortured and murdered by the Khmer Rouge.

Rob’s account is a powerful and inspiring message on tenacity, hope, love and the last human freedom: the power to choose your attitude and how you respond to any given situation.

Rob will inspire you to pursue your dreams whatever they may be, to take on new challenges, overcoming hardship against the odds and know that with passion anything is possible. It doesn’t hurt to be just a little bit crazy too!

NDSL are humbled to have Rob as a special guest at the opening of our new offices at 24 Reyburn Street, Whangarei on Thursday 24th May. Prior to this, Rob will also join us for a private viewing of his award winning film Brother Number One at Event Cinemas.

Special thanks to Northland Chamber of Commerce and Mike Pollok, Managing Director of Ricoh NZ, for making this possible.